About the Publisher

Angeline Lawrence, Publisher

Angeline Lawrence, publisher and ghost writer, is an entrepreneur with a heart to serve God by serving others.  Her love for writing creates the perfect atmosphere to provide content that alleviates the negativity felt by working women.

Angeline dealt with workplace bullying during her 20 years of working as an urban planner in various communities. God used her pain to bring forth a blue print for other Christian women to overcome bullying and major obstacles in their lives.

She shared her story and success as a Huffington Post contributor and co-author of the anthology Resilience: Living Life by Design.  She provides more detail of her transformation in her new book, Positioned for Power: The Working Women’s Guide to Thriving in Life available at bit.ly/WomenofPower.

Follow her on show media Twitter: www.twitter.com/entrepreneurexg Facebook: www.facebook.com/AngelineLawrencewrites LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angeline-lawrence-1485764/

Ministry Partner

Building Gods’ Kingdom believes in Proverbs 27:17, (Iron Sharpens Iron). Our (AAA) fellowship is purposed to help the Micro Church obtain the necessary resources through ministry collaborations to reach their goals through the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are bringing together like-minded leaders from all sectors of ministry with one single intention, “Advancing Gods’ Kingdom.”