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Christian Women in the workplace are tasked to be work harder than their male counterparts while being an example of the biblical principles.  The pressure to perform in the workplace, in the home and serve in their faith communities is overwhelming.

Shine Now Magazine is a digital lifestyle magazine geared toward Christian Working women who are leaders, executives, mothers and entrepreneurs making an impact in the marketplace. The publication provides tools, tips and testimonies to help Christian women thrive in the marketplace and beyond.

The magazine covers health/nutrition, fitness, fashion, personal-development, spiritual-growth, skill-building, wealth-creation and personal testimonies. It is published bi-monthly and available on the Joomag App in the Apple Store and Google Playstore.

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Shine Now Magazine is a compliment to her podcast, Shine and Grind Show that provides spiritual-growth and personal-development hacks. She interviews resilient women and men who beat the odds to glorify God in the workplace. Go to www.shineandgrind.net It is also available on Podbean, iTunes, Google Music and Stitcher Radio.

Angeline Lawrence is a ghost writer, publisher and workplace strategist who established the magazine to provide on-demand Christ-Centered content for working women.

As a former target of workplace bullying, she was humiliated and labeled with anger management issues when she stood up to her perpetrator. Dealing with the negativity left her drained and defeated.

She scoured the internet during lunch to find scriptures, a sermon or anything to uplift her spirit. Angeline uses her digital platform to share the insights and experiences of other Christian women who have overcome insurmountable obstacles to live out their God-given purpose.